How to Update my business Change or add content to your Noostuff profile page and adver-tising products How do I update or add content to my Noostuff business listing? How do I update or add content to my Reputation Manager product? How do I update the content or make changes to my website?

To update the content on your listing:

Log in to your Noostuff-online account
Select Manage your profile page
If you have multiple business listings with us then you will be prompted to select which listing to edit
Select from the Profile summary the content you wish to update

How do I add an image slider to my listing? Follow these steps to add an image slider to your website – From the menu on the left-hand side, click Widgets to open the widgets panel • Click and drag the Image slider widget to where you would like it positioned on your profile • Click Add image to add images to your Image slider widget • Click the Design tab to configure the layout, framing and spacing

ACCOUNT BILLING Get all the help you need to manage your Noostuff online ac-count with our accounts and billing support section. Here, you’ll find answers to the most frequently asked questions such as how to log in, where to find your Yell invoices and how to make pay-ments. You’ll also find help on what to do if you are thinking of leaving the Noostuff platform.

You can now check your account balance, see when a payment is next due, view and download your invoices, as well as see a history of all transactions and orders with Noostuff, all via the dashboard.

Forgotten your password? Can’t log in to your Noostuff ac-count? Get support for your Noostuff business and reviews ac-counts and find out how to reset your passwords in our technical Help & Support section.

I’ve forgotten the password to my Noostuff Reviews Account. If you are a Reviews User, visit the My Account page, and select the ‘Forgotten your Password?’ button to reset your password.

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